Where It All Began

The inception of ICS Penetron International Ltd. began in the late 1970s by founder and president Robert J Revera. PENETRON started as a company that developed cementitious waterproofing products and additives to create optimal crystalline technology. 

Years of hard work on concrete designs and additives evolved the technology for PENETRON waterproofing products. PENETRON’s waterproofing products are now successfully marketed and sold through an international network of applicators and distributors in over 60 countries worldwide.

Best Waterproofing Product In Town

“We strive to consistently provide the highest quality products and the required support system to ensure the success of our customer’s projects - anywhere in the world.”

Robert ReveraPresident & CEO of PENETRON

PENETRON consists of a team of people who are knowledgeable and experts who comes up with solutions for advanced waterproofing products. This includes offering advanced chemical solutions for new construction, maintenance, repairs, and renovations of projects and building structures using PENETRON waterproofing products

PENETRON is a global brand that continuously built itself through adversity and strength of our team who are from around the world. This is shown in our passion for our waterproofing products that is constantly improved and backed with knowledge and experience of more that 40 years in the construction industry.

Helping You With The Right Waterproofing Products

Our employees all over the world are part of the global community of waterproofing products experts who are passionate and will go above and beyond to solve our customer’s challenges at all the stages of the construction project as well as throughout the building’s lifespan. 

With our years of experience gained in the multiple construction projects worldwide, our team is able to create an impressive portfolio that includes the know-how and comprehensive waterproofing products portfolio that helps provide the right solution to our clients throughout our relationship.

Committed To Quality

PENETRON waterproofing products are manufactured and continually optimized at our development centre and production plant in USA. All of our facilities are ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 certified and backed by our PENETRON waterproofing products manufacturing warranty.

Our commitment to our quality is not only limited to our waterproofing products but also our technical support team around the world.

Creating Concrete Solutions

The Corporate Headquarters for ICS Penetron International Ltd. is located in East Setauket, Long Island, New York. PENETRON is a worldwide registered trademark for a system of professional chemical construction products such as waterproofing, protections, and repair of concretes. 

PENETRON’s experience in the global market has enables the company to amass and develop an extensive source of experience and technical expertise. This network is capable of addressing the vast majority of problematic situations pertaining to waterproofing and concrete protection by solving them with the right waterproofing product

PENETRON’s success story continues today as a privately held corporation supplying the global construction market. Our closely-knit management group responds quickly to our worldwide application and distribution network. As a company, we are constantly striving for new fields of innovation and improved performance with a continued sense of commitment to a higher standard. Our blending facilities feature state-of-the-art equipment that allows for a high standard of quality control. 

Our Mission

To provide products of the highest quality in conjunction with the required support system to assure success

To strive for continuous improvement and innovation

To maintain a strong commitment to the global ecosystem

To encourage creativity and individual improvement

To accept challenges and view them as opportunities

Values As Tough As Our Product

We accept the responsibilities that come with being a major developer and supplier of concrete protection systems. We pledge to continue to strive and perform at a level of excellence and hope that you will appreciate our product performance capabilities and what we stand for as a company.

Only a strong, vital company can afford to be ideological. Our objective is to put people first and maintain a strong sense of values.