PENETRON BIOMIC Antimicrobial Concrete Admixture
PENETRON BIOMIC is an antimicrobial admixture added to the concrete mix at the time of batching. It forms a molecular bond with the concrete, preventing microbial-induced corrosion (MIC) damage and inhibiting the growth of other product-damaging and odor-causing micro- organisms, such as bacteria, algae and fungi.

PENETRON BIOMIC’s technology is an EPA registered microbiostatic agent that ruptures microbe cell walls on contact. This complete electro-physical destruction of the microbes that come into contact with it does not deplete PENETRON BIOMIC and, as it is also leach resistant and will not migrate through the concrete, it retains its effectiveness indefinitely.

Data Sheet SDS


  • Precast concrete: manholes, pipes, tanks and other such precast structures used in sewer and drainage applications.
  • Cast-in-place concrete: wastewater treatment plants or other cast concrete in sewage and drainage applications.
  • Shotcrete applications
  • Concrete and mortar repairs where protection from microbial-induced-corrosion is required.

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